Facetime for Android – Download for Free Now

As the rapid movements in technology regarding social media grows, our interest in getting the most out of our consumer products increases as well. Facetime has monopolized a large portion of the way we used to connect with people online and has even manufactured a deal breaker for customers who are in the market for the best smartphone. But what about Facetime for Android? Should this application only be strictly limited to apple products? Let’s explore the different aspects of this question.

facetime for android

Facetime for Android free download?

Let’s throw the brutal truth out there first, unfortunately, there is no way to obtain Facetime on to an Android phone. Facetime is an application privately owned by Apple, the company has kept it restrained to only allowing calls between two or more apple users. This had a tremendous effect on society as well as where customers choose to spend their money. Ever since Apple began in 1976, it has achieved non-stop attention from the public market, this can make it difficult to feel satisfied with other companies’ products. However, there are many products out there nowadays that offer high-quality video calls with cutting edge resolutions. For example, Skype has been quite successful in offering a substitute for Facetime. With their user-friendly operating system, all you need to do is create an account, select a contact you would like to call, and begin your video chat. The best part about this program is it is free with paid for feature upgrades.

Facetime for Android to iPhone

Although a true Facetime call cannot come from an Android there is still hope for Samsung users who enjoy video chats as well. There are several alternatives to Facetime that many people do not realize. Google Hangouts has made it surprisingly easy for Samsung and Apple users to connect with each other. Simply create an account, on hangouts, share information with your video chatting partner and begin your call.

How to download Facetime on Android

We all know this is a tough pill to swallow, everyone loves the new features that apple has created, however, not everyone has the budget to spend on a top shelf product such as an iPhone. Many will turn to Android since it is still a reliable product for less of the price. With this being said, it’s still easy to be dissatisfied with the inability to achieve a Facetime call. Comparatively, there are several alternative programs that will operate similar to Facetime, this includes Skype, Oovoo, google hangouts, Viber, Tango and Canaba. Yes, we understand that consumers have a passionate infatuation with the Apple brand and in this era, people have a habit of throwing their wallet at Apple every time they create a new product. Alternatively, these applications are just as advanced and, in fact, have new and different features that Facetime does not have.

In conclusion, Android users will still be able to connect with iPhone users through video chat. New and improved applications come out every day to accommodate for the privacy lockdown of Apple’s personal inventions. So don’t worry too much about settling for a Samsung phone when you couldn’t buy an iPhone, the features in today’s world of fast moving technology can mimic Apple’s software almost flawlessly.